GRIFFIN Free Range Turkeys from Poplar Farm

Why choose a GRIFFIN
Free Range Turkey?

We have been producing High Quality Turkeys since 1952. They are:

  • Naturally reared on your local, family-run farm in Cheshire
  • Reared slowly for maturity and prime condition
  • Fed on only pure, natural ingredients
  • Our turkeys once plucked and hand finished are hung to mature, which enhances the flavour of the meat.

Choose from either the 'Bronze Feathered' or 'White Feathered' traditional breeds

The most popular turkey sold is the white feathered breed. Through demand however we also rear a Bronze feathered breed. The difference between the two types of turkey being the bronze has a slightly gamier flavour and darker skin appearance.

Free Range White Feathered £10.65/kg

Free Range Bronze Feathered £12.70/kg

The Turkeys are fully prepared and oven ready for your convenience.
A wide range of weights are available (5-8 kg's), to suit your specific families needs.

Choose a size which is enough for you and your guests.

Many people order a bird which is too large and takes longer to cook. Ideally, leftovers should be just that. A bird size of 12lbs feeds about ten people.

The weights below will give you plenty on Christmas Day and enough for some inventive cooking in the days that follow.

  • 5kg (11lb) 6-8 people
  • 6kg (13lb) 8-10 people
  • 7kg (15lb) 10-12 people
  • 8kg (17.5lb) 14-16 people

Make a note of the weight as you will need this to calculate cooking time.

Don't forget our helpful tips

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